Saturday, March 1, 2014


In October 2012 Tim and I took a 7,000 mile road trip through the southwest.  We visited nine national parks one of which was Mesa Verde.  We spent the day touring through the pueblos.  I was quite taken by the one, Cliff Palace, that everyone has seen in photos.  Can you imagine being one of the first people to discover the ruins?

In the workshop If Walls Could Talk, Orly Avineri gave an overview of many walls that have historic significance including the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  She had placed pieces of paper along art on two of her apartment walls.  We were tasked to find one message and the one you see on the right side is the one I found.

I made an envelope out of the wax paper from a cereal box to hold my found quote.  I want to be able to hold the note from time to time and this is the way I decided to preserve it yet be able to access it.

Why did the peoples who inhabited the pueblos decide to leave?  There are many theories and we would know the explanation if the pueblo walls could talk.


Anonymous said...

It warms my heart to see your world evolving right before my eyes...Thank you for your wonderful sensitivities.

Cate Rose said...

Such awesome and powerful work, John!

Brian Kasstle said...

This journal is really developing. And so are these stories. I love that each spread seems to have a story of it's own, as if each wall tells it's story. Wonderful. I am loving these.