Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Fireman

The Fireman
When we were creating the backgrounds for our If Walls Could Talk journals we passed the journals to the person on our right to add a photo.  I am thinking that my friend Irene might be the child in this spread.

New characters are added to the growing narrative.  We see Hattie and her boyfriend, Charles.  Mary is significant even though she is missing in action.  Now we have a fireman, Oscar.  I wonder how Oscar plays a role in this drama?  Just why is Hattie afraid to tell Mary's family secret?


Cate Rose said...

Another absolutely fabulous spread!

Brian Kasstle said...

Wonderful John.... AND I have a far different tale to tell of this story. The fireman saved the baby from a fire. She grew up and he always loved her. She married Charles, even though Charles was a cad, evil. Many years later they were all old and Charles finally died from his evil deeds. The fireman came for her hand in marriage finally.

anonymous said...

Love your stories, John. BTW did we ever hear the end of the seagull??! Perhaps that could reappear in the current tale.