Monday, March 3, 2014

Will and the Rooster

Will and the Rooster
In the If Walls Could Talk workshop we were tasked with adding personal photos to many of the participants journals as we created backgrounds.  We also designed chop marks and stamped those on each others' "property". There is a contemporary feel that accompanies the vintage photos in this spread due to the mixing of photos.  I love the texture that is present which adds to the aged feel of the pages.

The narrative continues with Will, the boy, who can't seem to keep shoes on his feet....Hattie, the housekeeper, who has been charged with keeping a home for the boy....Mary, Will's mother who has disappeared and Will's father who is nowhere to be found either.


jacki long said...

Wonderful John!
What a gift you have!
Always the perfect blend that jet right into my heart.
And, of course I love seeing my Terry there too.
I feel to blessed to have access to your talents!
Thank you John!

jacki long said...

I promise to proof read BEFORE clicking publish ... from now on.
The grammar police is after me!
Of course I meant "jets", and "so" instead of to, ;op

Brian Kasstle said...

I think it's wonderful the stories you give these wonderful photos! So fun against the colorful background!

Cate Rose said...

It's all great, love the spread!