Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Missionaries

The Missionaries
My grandmother, Ethel, and my great grandmother, Gertrude, lived together in Southern California for years going everywhere together and raising my father.  Both died in their nineties, my grandmother accidentally backed her car up and ran over my great grandmother.  She did not know Gertrude was crossing over behind the car.  I thought I would use their names in this piece called The Missionaries not because my relatives were ever missionaries, but I needed names that sounded turn of the twentieth century.

Missionary-ism  has come up recently as I received a letter in the mail asking for money to support an acquaintance and her family while they are working for a year in Africa.  That got me to thinking about the musical The Book of Mormon and this piece evolved.


Cate Rose said...

Beautiful spread. That letter sounds a lot like much of the spam email we all get...hope it's for real.

anonymous said...

Fabulous house in the photo! What a sad ending for your great-grand-mother, her daughter must have felt so bad thereafter.

Brian Kasstle said...

Hmmmm this tale of your grandmother and great-grandmother makes the mystery reader in my suspicious.... hmmmmm wonderful spread.

tgarrett said...

I love this- Love the contrast of the photos with the color.

ingridp said...

Love your backgrounds and the contrasted b/w photos