Saturday, March 22, 2014

Maude, Florence, and Minnie - Postcards

Maude #1

Maude #2


For several months I took a break from creating postcards but yesterday I got back into it big time.  Here are four that I made using cereal box cardboard for the card.


tgarrett said...

These are wonderful John! I see you used those rollers you found. Could you please send me that link for those again? I love the look on top of the Citra-Solv papers.

Cate Rose said...

Fantastic collages, John! I just ADORE those backgrounds!!

jacki long said...

I LOVE these, John! The way you blend a black and white with such colorful backgrounds is amazing. And, I love looking for your stamp on every piece. ♥

Terry O. said...

I love these!!! You do the most amazing work!!

Brian Kasstle said...

I LOVE my Florence! LOVE her! These are so wonderful!