Monday, March 17, 2014

Round Robin - first round


RR standing

RR page one

RR page two

RR page three
I am hosting a round robin with five others, Irene, Terry, Michele, Brian, and Jacki.  Our March task was to create the journal with a Dos-a-Dos format and to complete spreads on our "property" or section. (See an earlier post on how to create a dos-a-dos journal. January 2014)

For this journal spread I first laid down a layer of masking tape. The binding holes were made using a Japanese hole punch and I was afraid that too much paint would leak through.  Success, no paint leaked to the other five pieces of "property" or valleys in the remainder of the journal.  I then painted the whole spread black.  Next I adhered used teabags. (I love the texture created.)  I painted three or four layers of paint to get the color that you see.  It took awhile to find just the right photographs to include.

The writings that I add are words from Victorian slang.  They include:
podsnappery - assuming airs
mutton shunter - policeman
chuckaboo - a nickname given to a close friend
butter upon bacon - extravagance....don't you just love that!
make a stiff bird laugh - absolutely preposterous
basket of oranges - pretty woman
gas pipes - especially tight pants
jammiest bits of jam - absolutely perfect young females

Our finished RR journals will return to us in late August or early September.  Can't wait to see what everyone creates.  Oh, thank goodness for Facebook as we are posting on our own Facebook page each month. :-)


Cate Rose said...

This is spectacular!

Veronica Stewart Art said...

I really like the richness of your background.