Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dog

The Dog
I began a new series of postcards this week.  This one called The Dog came together over three days and holds a happy accident.  Most of the collage was complete but I was thinking one more thing would add to what was already created.  Then the dog just happened to fall on it from a different postcard.  Voila!  There it was.

I look at collaging as bringing new life to disparate images, images found in a variety of places.  In this case the images were found in several books I bought last weekend at an estate sale.  Each book was $1.00.  I love old books that hold amazing images.  This particular book was on exploration.  Another was on pirates, and a third was on whaling.   All three books were in excellent condition and will eventually become altered book journals.

I also recently received a box of rollers that I spent a huge amount of time tracking down.  Last month when I was in LA my friend Irene brought a wonderful roller to the workshop that we attended.  Of course I had to have one.  The only thing was that she was unsure of where she had purchased it.  She thought perhaps she got in on an excursion to Mendocino.  I called several shops but no one knew of what I spoke.  I searched the web.  Friends searched the web.  I now know more about texture rollers that I ever thought I would.  Finally I found the rollers at www.Kaplanco.com .  I say "Never give up!"  It paid off this time.

In The Dog I collaged CitraSolv paper for the ground.  Terry Garrett had suggested using the rollers on CitraSolv papers.  Genius because they really look great.  The background is a cereal box cardboard painted black and textured with many layers of gesso.  I used stencils and tissue paper as well.  A slight sanding and matte varnish finished the piece off.


Cate Rose said...

Another cool one!

jacki long said...

Another gem! And thank you for the process notes, they are inspiring and remind me of things I meant to do or try.I went to the Kaplance.com site, but couldn't find the rollers unless it was the Foam Brushes And Roller Set?

Seth said...

Congrats on the rollers. And on this piece. The "serendipitous" addition of the dog completes it!

anonymous said...

What I don't understand about the process is acquiring the pics - here the dog and men. Are you scanning and pasting a cut-out physically or is it a digital composition?
This one is a very pleasing whole.