Monday, March 31, 2014

Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought
On Friday, my art buddy, Michele, and I spent the afternoon making art.  We ended up giving each other about 15 prompts for our spreads.  I would give her one and she next.  We had five minutes to finish the prompt before moving on to the next.  What a blast we had!  Of course lunch went tremendously as well, that can't hurt! :-)

I made pork burritos.  If you want an easy and pretty fast recipe here goes:

In a pot add two cans chicken broth, one can of mild chopped chilies, one can stewed tomatoes, one medium chopped onion.  Next add one pork tenderloin.  Bring to a boil and then turn the heat down. Cook for about 30 to 45 minutes. The pork cooks in the liquid and turns out marvelously.  Shred the pork and add back into the pot.  Heat thoroughly again.

Warm flour tortillas in the microwave.  Place the tortillas on a dinner plate (one per person).  Pour a cup or a bit less of the pork mixture into the middle of the tortilla.  Add shredded cheese of your choice.  Fold the burrito into a rectangle, opposite ends meet in the middle method.  Add mixture broth, more cheese and sour cream to the top of the burrito.  Eat!  DELICIOUS!


jacki long said...

I love your spread and you wonderful use of colors John.
Alas, I gained a pound just reading the recipe,
Sounded delicious!

tgarrett said...

This is really wonderful John- I wish we could all be together to do this again. i really miss you and Brian.

tgarrett said...

I also miss Irene and Jacki- it's nice to have our email connections and I am grateful for that but the experience being in the same room creating is unmatched!