Thursday, November 12, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 2 - 08

Mini-Journal No. 2 - 08


When I first started creating the mini journals I made a mistake in journal no. 1.  I should have had eight spreads but ended up with only seven.  So the last prompt for the Roxanne Coble workshop was to make ghost somethings.  I decided to make ghost chickens, hence the white chicks in the spread which is the last spread in mini-journal no. 2.

Here is the video of mini-journal no. 2


jacki long said...

Your mini book is wonderful.
Even though I had seen each spread earlier,
they were all new and surprising to see. It was great, John.

julia said...

As jacki said above, even though i had seen each spread, seeing it as a book is so interesting..how cohesive it is, within each page being unique and not related by message to the previous page...and what struck me, john..was the ghost chickens..this is an example of a uniquely creative mind....my own mind would have been stuck on the ghost..and how to do a ghost? But would not have ever in 1000 years thought of ghost chickens...i follow a number of artists and that is what stands out for me..their ability to take the theme or subject and “warp” it..:-)
Wonderful mini!