Friday, November 27, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 5 - 01

Mini-Journal No. 5 - 01

 Here we go with yet another mini-journal.  No. 5 is eclectic, kind of all over the place with focal images.  Not a problem but no general theme.

Yesterday or the day before I was asked to give more information on the use of ephemera.  So I am referring back to the images where I showed several of the accordions that I am working on at the moment.

First, I glued washi tape in the valley folds to strengthen the fold.  You will note why I needed to do that in several of the spreads in no.5 over the next few days.  I then found magazine pages that had interesting graphic designs and cut them to a larger size than the actual journal and glued those down.  I also wrapped the peak folds with found papers to strengthen that fold as well.  Once the papers were dry I turned the accordion over and painted the backside of the accordion one color.  Once the backside was dry I trimmed the papers to the size of the accordion.....cut off the excess.  The next step is to add more ephemera on each spread before the pen work.  I hope that answers the viewer's question.


jacki long said...

Again, I so enjoy the quilt or Kantha overall effect. Great work, John!

n.v. said...

Thank you John for the explanation.