Monday, November 9, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 2 - 05


Mini-Journal No. 2 - 05

A question came up yesterday about the prompt for that spread.  All the spreads from now on except for one in this journal yet to come are all my own spread ideas.  In other words, there are no prompts per se.  

I have had a bit of an issue with the valley folds in this journal.  Any ephemera that goes over the crease is not adhering well.  I had to fight it and re-glue sometimes successfully and sometimes not so.  I have decided to go with it and say it is what it is while I mull over the problem.  I did come up with a solution which you will see in mini-journal no. 6 but we aren’t there yet are we?


jacki long said...

Such great colors and patterns.
I love how you use them to create such a powerful cohesive piece.

tgarrett said...

Loving your minis John. I do think I will make some more. I love your bold colors and patterns. Did you photograph your spreads before you attached the accordion to the cover?

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Love this as it echos a feeling I have lately.
Finding my way through this pandemic
can be like searching blindly in a darkend room.