Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter - Artist Playing Cards - November 2020

Black Lives Matter - Artist Playing Cards
November 2020


I really like how these APCs turned out.  I can either exchange each month or bow out.  I decided to exchange but got so into min-journals I forgot about APCs.  Then I got the list of people I had to send to.  The APCs weren’t even started but with the participant list I had to get crackin’.  I spent Friday afternoon working on them.  Of course, I did not know where I was going with the project.  I first added some napkin pieces.  Then I added the focal points.  I had found these wonderful hairdressing signs from Africa.  The portraits by these Benin artists were great.  So great that I did some research on the art and found a dealer in Philadelphia who was selling their art.  I bought a sign which arrived already and is wonderful.

I love the hairstyles.  Then I thought I know where this is going.  I am going to honor the Black Lives Matters movement.  Hence the BLM words.  There was something missing though and that is where the black netting from a napkin came in handy.  Voila, they were complete.  I got them in the mail and thus  made my November deadline.

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jacki long said...

These are fabulous, John. I just love everything about them. Bravo!