Friday, November 20, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 4 - 04

Mini-Journal No. 4 - 04


I had not thought about how much real estate the tiger uses in this piece until I had put the spread away and am looking at it with new eyes today.  I like it.  I think that because of how bold it is

I just finished mini-journal no. 6 a few minutes ago.  One might think that six is enough but guess what?  I found some ephemera that will be perfect for mini no. 7 last night.  So I guess I have not finished with mini-journals yet.


jacki long said...

Oh good, I love your journals!
I think sometimes a large dominant shape make the best design?

Robert said...

Love the overlapping of elements, here, giving this spread distinct foreground (large flower and leaf forms crossing the tiger’s front legs))/middle ground (tiger)/background (everything else). Also, great use of interesting color combinations!