Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 4 - 05


Mini-Journal No. 4 - 05

This is a good example of how the valley fold is interfering with the composition.  With that said I like the interference.  I was given a prompt on this one by a wonderful artist, Irene, who lives in Southern California.  She asked me to take an image, in this case a man, and cut the image in half.  Then I was to draw the half that I cut away to complete the portrait again.  The one on the right is my re-drawing.  At first I was a bit upset because I used a water soluble pen to draw.  When I adhered it into the mini-journal the ink ran.  I quickly blotted it with paper towel and I like how it turned out.


jacki long said...

A huge success, John!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

Terrific idea and when I cover up the face halves it is apparent you created a unique entity.
These dotted backgrounds are delightful.

Irene Rafael said...

I like the mystery that was added by the smudged pen.