Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 2 - 06

Mini-Journal No. 2 - 06

 I debated about outlining the two Asian figures to bring them forward a bit.  I have been outlining  with a micro pen lately but I found that the texture of the the background sometimes made me slip a little.  I might still try a graphite pencil to see what I think.


jacki long said...

Great colors and the right half reminds me of Kantha!

Elsa of Lake Forest Park said...

I like the figures in the shadows and the bright lamp in the foreground. Unique depth.

Robert said...

I actually like the contrast of the bright orange behind the figures with the more subtle tones of the figures. Because of this I get drawn in to the detail in the figures. I don’t think any outlining is required. To me, this one almost looks like two separate compositions if you were to divide it vertically right down the middle. Interesting how every viewer sees things so differently!