Sunday, November 29, 2020

Mini-Journal No. 5 - 03


Mini-Journal No. 5 - 03

I had lots of fun with this spread.  I found the woman portrait some time ago but it was only half of the face.  I scanned it and imported the image into photoshop where I copied the face and did a horizontal image.  Then I put the two images together to make one whole face.  She reminds me of a stereotype of a psychic or a fortune teller.  Hey, that would be a good name for it, The Fortune Teller. 


jacki long said...

Great name! And the hand reminded me of Terry's current series.
I hope you had a terrific holiday weekend.

julia said...

Well, building on robert’s comment yesterday: another one for moma! I love how you created her whole face john...and i looked specifically to see if she was completely symmetrical..no...which is good..because no human face is...and when one does that, as you obviously know, the face seems off-putting..
Great piece!

Peg said...

the title is perfect--I love the color - beautiful image