Monday, October 29, 2018

52 Pickup 31

52 Pickup 31
I love this hat.  I wish I could wear hats but they look horrible on my head.  My father had a red felt hat that he wore all the time when I was a kid.  I do not know what happened to that hat.  There was a store in Portland, Oregon that sold men’s hats.  I tried on all of the styles and nothing looked or felt good.  I guess I will have to stay with baseball caps.

Today is a bank holiday in Ireland.  Last night things were hopping and today people are going home and it is very quiet by the seaside.  I ate in a hotel down the street from where my airbnb is located.  They warned me when I came into the hotel restaurant that the only seats were in the bar.  So that is where I headed.  What a terrific meal I had!  I had two kinds of fish on lentils with a balsamic sauce.  There was so much food that I did take away and have lunch at the house today.

It is kind of drizzling and so I think I will have an art day.  I did take a walk on the Kilkee Cliffs this morning and what a spectacular place I found.  One can go right up to the edge if you dare.  I found steps down to the base of some cliffs and what sights there were.  I thought Kilkee was much more exciting than the Cliffs of Moher.  Too many people at Moher.

Kilkee Cliffs


Assembly Line - Bob Snead | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios



Cate Rose said...

Are you in Ireland on your own? I'm guessing you're Irish, right? Arbuckle is Irish??
Looks like you're having a terrific time. xx

jacki long said...

I too like tat hat! Hats are cool!
Love hearing about your trip, it sounds perfect!