Tuesday, October 30, 2018

52 Pickup 32

52 Pickup 32
Really like this piece.  Isn’t funny how some just catch your attention in a special way?

Another adventure today....getting WiFi.  I had to drive six miles to the next town because the Kilkee library internet was down.  Great having libraries with WiFi.  Nice place here in Kilrush.  I think I will explore the town.

I took a long walk on the cliffs in Kilkee this morning after doing three collages.  I will go back to the house for lunch and more art.  Off to Ballyferriter in County Kerry tomorrow.  I need to take a ferry across the Shannon estuary.

Relative Strangers - Laurel Nakadate | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


jacki long said...

I like #32 too. Hoe many dishes have I dried in my life?
Wonderful stories of your travels, sounds perfect!

julia said...

Yes, there is something very special about a local library, no matter where one is visiting...i think my husband and i could make a whole vacation out of visiting libraries...enjoy! And enjoy the cliff walks too, john...just not on a windy day!

anonymous said...

hope the airbnbs don't make you do the washing up!! i like this one too.