Tuesday, October 23, 2018

52 Pickup 33

52 Pickup 33
Can’t you just see this woman reaching out to help a grandchild who is about to fall?  Maybe you have another story.

I on my way to my second airbnb and I have seen some lovely countryside and seaside today.  There were kite surfers having the time of their life while I ate an amazing lunch.  What food I have had!  I can also not get enough of the Wild Atlantic Way.  Each little turn provides something exciting.

This morning I passed by Lord Mountbatten’s home. Just off the coast is where he was assassinated.  There was also a nearby monument built in honor of a man named Freddy.  It is a rather sad story.  He was found dead trying to keep warm using his own furniture in his house....even part of his bed.  The people of the town erected the monument.  Perhaps they felt just a bit guilty that no one knew how desolate Freddy had become.  The irony is that there is a huge castle just a field away from where Freddy lived.

Sorry the cards are out of order.  This operator had a beer with lunch.  Now having a cup of tea! :-)

Peter Liversidge - Proposals | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


jacki long said...

Love your Grandma lady and especially her cheeks and glasses!
Glad you having such a wonderful trip, I keep meaning to ask ...
have you been to Ireland previously?

Brian Kasstle said...

John!!! I am so glad, it sounds like you are having an amazing trip!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Robert said...

Wow, John. Thanks for the updates on your travels. Sounds like you are enjoying the countryside and the food (and drink) to the fullest.