Monday, October 1, 2018

52 Pickup 01

52 Pickup 01

This is a new series that has 106 pieces in it.  In August I took Seth Apter's 52 Pickup in Langley, British Columbia.  It was a one day workshop where we created background for a deck of cards.  Our task, when the backgrounds were complete, was to collage on each card.  We could choose to do one side of the card or both sides.  The idea was to do one card each week for 52 weeks.  I finished all cards, both sides, in two weeks. as I was motivated by this project.

Sometimes when one takes a class the unfinished project sits and sits and eventually either gets done or not.  I pushed myself to get it done and in 1/26th of the time.  Since there are 106 collages to share this will take over three months to share.  Sometime in January you will see what else I have been up to........


6. Psychological Landscape - Robyn O'Neil | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios


jacki long said...

I love the POW! I especially love the cartoon exclamations.
I think you might be in NM now, so have a great time!
I wish I were a fly on the wall.
Love to all, I am a fan!

Robert said...

Love the painterly, layered background in this piece. Also, nice color contrasts between “POW!” and background!