Thursday, October 18, 2018

52 Pickup 19

52 Pickup 19

I just love the pig and the man together.  His look is priceless and the pig on wheels, as if he is a pet, is just the best as well.

I missed posting yesterday because I was on an airplane all night Wednesday night and most of Wednesday.  My flight out of Seattle was delayed  hence everything else I planned yesterday was either cancelled or delayed.  But I am in Ireland and so far so good.  I got the car and drove on the motorways.  I asked for directions from a very nice man in a parking lot to be able to find the hotel.  I had a great dinner last night and now it is early in the morning and I am wide away and a bit jet lagged.

Today I am heading to the Donegal which is in northwestern Ireland.  I think I will go through a bit of Northern Ireland to get there.  I want to try and do back roads but I need to purchase a phone today.  So we shall see how all that goes.  The drive is supposedly three hours to where I am now and where I will be staying.  This is an adventure so who knows what will happen.


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jacki long said...

Sounds wonderful! I meant to ask if you had been to Ireland previously?

Brian Kasstle said...

Safe travels John! My grandmother was from Ireland. She lived on the Donegal road. She talked about it often. Safe travels my friend!

julia said...

Ok, now this is too crazy...#19 is the spitting image of a former love-interest of mine! I laughed out loud!!...