Thursday, October 18, 2018

52 Pickup 21

I hope this is not confusing but you are getting 20 and 21 today because I messed up and used an image twice.....

Today is a two-fer since I missed a day yesterday....

52 Pickup 21
Well I messed up and somehow counted wrong on my cards.  So number 20 is also number 19.  So if you are wondering why I missed number 20 that is the reason.  Precise cutting is the name of the game for this collage.  It was intricate.   Some of the cards I really like more than others.  I really like this one.


No additional link for this one today because of my mess up.


jacki long said...

I like it a lot too.
I so admire you and terry and your meticulous cutting.

Robert said...

Wow, John, what fun! Enjoy ALL of your adventures during the next three weeks! Went to the meet-up at Third Place today and had a great time with the 5 others there. We knew you were there in spirit, as well. Safe and Wonderful Travels!