Tuesday, October 9, 2018

52 Pickup 09

52 Pickup 09
Well, I guess I can not count because we have to backtrack to number 09 today.  I don’t know how I got ahead of myself with using number 10 first but I did.

Today was a great day at the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon.  We went to a fantastic place for breakfast called the Otis Cafe.  It is in Otis, Oregon and is a great place for a meal.  I had the best hash browns I have ever had and I like hash browns a lot.  The cinnamon rolls were just like Ole made when I was a kid.  Ole was the lady who lived up the road and each Sunday she made cinnamon rolls that she baked in a wood burning stove.  Ole is long gone but the memory is not.  Thanks Otis Cafe for bringing back that long ago cinnamon roll experience.

work table in New Mexico on our retreat


Please Do Not Touch


jacki long said...

So happy for you all to be gallivanting around, have fun and great food!

julia said...

Does it get any better than hasbrowns or cinnamon rolls??? How fantastic for you john! I did a double-take on that work table..at least you all are collage artists..no one was trying to paint..:-)