Sunday, August 28, 2016

Collage Elements Journal Covers

Journal Cover Collage Elements

I already posted the collage element pieces on July 16 and 17, 2016 that are included in this journal.

You can view them on this blog at:

I love how happy accidents occur.  I created the art on the cover quite by accident.  I was sitting in my living room chair just staring off into space when I noticed the sun coming through a paper screen that we have over the door window when it is really hot.  I loved the silhouetted images on the paper.
Immediately I thought of some silhouettes I had made from an idea given to me by Tina Malm.  I took the male silhouette and taped him to the door windowwith the paper screen covering him.  I then photographed what you see here.  Finally I printed the image on tissue paper and adhered it to the cover substrate.  I love how this all came together.

The second journal for collage elements was published on this blog on July 29, 30, 31

Collage Elements Cover No. 2


Claudia MB said...

I love the silhouettes, especially the first one. So evocative and mysterious!

tgarrett said...

The luminosity of the first one is really beautiful. I love the second one as you used the stamp you carved and I believe that was in the Seth Orly class I was in with you.

jacki long said...

Wonderful John!
I have ordered the tissue paper thanks to your earlier link.
They are out of stock, but I ordered & paid so they can send it when it comes in.
Do I sound anxious? Thanks again.