Friday, August 26, 2016

Five of Clubs and Five of Diamonds

Funny how some days go.  I have posts lined up for this blog and I totally forget to post.  I had a good excuse yesterday.  I visited a good friend that I had not seen for months.  Mary and I taught together years ago and have kept in touch.  She has a house right on Puget Sound looking out to Camano Island.  It is like the kind of place that you would always feel like you are on vacation year round.  Just lovely!  We sat outside under an umbrella looking through my journals and chatting away.  I love those kind of friendships where you just pick up where you left off.


Connie Rose said...

Yes, those are indeed wonderful friendships. In catching up with my high school friends lately, it's been like that, too. As though we hadn't talked in six months or a year, certainly not 25 or 50 years!
I love this series you're doing. What a cool idea, altering playing cards. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

5 of diamonds is really successful. I like the 'hidden' number and the challenge of the drops of black blood (or so it seemed to me!)

Jacki Long said...

Yes, that's the most idyllic friendship,
I hope we have that? ♥

tgarrett said...

wonderful cards and yes those days are special- good friends are such gifts.