Monday, August 15, 2016

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

Last Friday I went with friends on a field trip to Vashon Island which is very near to Seattle but once you are there it seems like Seattle is not close at all.  I had not been to Vashon since I was a kid. Verbalizing that I had not been there for 60 years makes me seem old!  It is an island with a very liberal population.  Kind of earthy in nature.  It is a very comfortable friendly place to visit.

While there we stopped at a store which had candies that I had to buy and use in a spread.  The candy is called Mary Jane.  I covered the spread with the candy wrappers before continuing with what you see now.  Mary Jane pokes out in a few places still.  I suppose most people would think of marijuana when they first hear Mary Jane.  I did but loved that there is a candy by the same name.

So I had to find a song that has Mary Jane in the lyrics. Tom Petty came through.


jacki long said...

I especially love the Mary Jane wrappers that poke through the layers.
This journal must be amazing to look through! ;o)

Claudia MB said...

Tom Petty, candy, recreational herb...psychadel-icious!