Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Collage Sticks I






Sticks (together)

This was such a fun activity that I think I will do it again.  We were tasked in Larry Calkins class to create collages on pieces of wood.  The only thing is that the sticks had to be interchangeable and somehow relate but also be independent stand alones. I have an idea for a plexiglass box to house the sticks.  I want them to be able to stand and to be movable....hence interchangeable.


Anonymous said...

OK - so I want you to use your mathematical brain and make one of those trays we used to have as kids to move round numbers or letters. Then you could slide a stick up, across, down etc. Perhaps you could put a strip of magnetic stuff on the back?(But I guess your idea will be good too.)

jacki long said...

These are fabulous, alone & together!
Love studying each one. Thank you for YOU!!!

tgarrett said...

LOVE this John- what a great class that has been for you!

Claudia MB said...

Can we do something like this in our GG workshop this fall?