Wednesday, August 31, 2016

70's Fashion

70's Fashion
In a previous post I explained how I created the background that you see in this post.  It was totally an amazing experience!  What I did not mention is when I discovered the shadows made by the sun hitting the front door window through the paper screen that I was thinking about my friend, Marlyn, who had died a week before. So I think her presence helped me somehow create this particular background.  Adding the silhouettes on a window and then photographing the image opens up opportunities for creating unlimited backgrounds. Printing images on tissue paper which can be used in art journaling or other mixed media pieces allows for changing things digitally if one chooses to do so.  There are so many possibilities.

If you look back on this blog you will see other silhouettes that I have created using a variety of mixed media techniques.   Some of those silhouettes are collaged ones or just black images. My friend, Terry Garrett, creates backgrounds with silhouettes using an airbrush technique.  Brian Kasstle has used silhouettes in some of his work.  It is an effective and fun technique to use.  You might even remember the show Mad Men used silhouettes in the opening credits for the show.  So you see the possibilities are unlimited.

This particular spread was for a round robin that I belong to.  My friend Jan had given the group a theme, fashion, and we were to create to her theme.  I thought that since this background looked 1970s that fashion from that time frame would work.  The light fixture is also from the 70s.


Jacki Long said...

Good job, John! Definitely 70's styles & colors. Jan will be pleased.
I am slowly working on your RR journal now, will be ready to mail on to Cheryl soon. Guess I am waiting for a lightning bolt! ♥

tgarrett said...

oh the 70s I graduated from high school 1970 so i was in the thick of those fashion statements and what statements they were. Wonderful spread.

Claudia MB said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. (It's not OUR Marilyn, is it?) I have a Simplicity pattern book from the 70s; it's got lots of kooky fashion. The weird part is that I remember buying patterns from it when I was a kid. Didn't seem kooky then.