Friday, August 19, 2016



In one of my workshops we created 5 minute collages using ephemera chosen by each student and traded to another.  I challenged my students who wished to participate to find five pieces of ephemera and I in turn would create a postcard from what they provided me.  MaryAnn Ready provided most of what you see in this piece End-Game.  I did not use every piece of ephemera that I found in the challenge envelope but added two or three small pieces from my stash to complete the composition. MaryAnn, at first, stumped me because she had included a ball of fabric scraps.  You can see those at the bottom of the postcard.  My only other rule for this activity was that there were no rules.  The artist had final control over composition.

PS.....Today is a bit of a celebration as I have posted 183 posts this year so far, the same number as last year.  :-)  I still have about 4.5 months to go in 2016!


Jacki Long said...

Love it and the fun you have making it! ;o)

tgarrett said...

What a fun time- love that idea. Great card.