Saturday, August 20, 2016


The latest Andra Day CD is amazing.  Every song is just excellent.  I listen to it constantly. So for my last online spread for the Lyrics workshop that I am taking with Roxanne Coble I decided to do a spread to honor one of Andra Day's songs, Rise Up.  It is a song of strength. The grandfather represents strength.  He is protective of the little boy who also is strong.  He has the strength of fearlessness.  We have to learn fear.  Is there any case when fear is innate?  I have to ponder that for awhile.  Anyway, this is my 14th spread for the class.  I am calling this journal 14 Days in August because that is the number of days I spent creating it.

Andra Day - Rise Up


jacki long said...

14 days beautifully spent, and I love them all.
I enlarged & studied this one for quite awhile ...
loving the many patterns & harmony created between them.
A+ I'd say! ;o)

tgarrett said...

Beautiful moving spread. Her voice is amazing.