Saturday, August 6, 2016


This spread was inspired by Alan Jackson's Hard Hat and A Hammer.  If you have never heard the song it is available on the YouTube link.  I entitled this Sleep because sometimes that is all you want to do after putting in a long hard day of work.  I love the lyrics of this song as they really paint a picture of everyday life...a life that is sometimes just mundane work.


Brian Kasstle said...

You do surprise me John. I never pictured you a country music fan! I laugh. I never liked country music growing up in Montana. I moved to California, some years after moving there I discovered a gay country bar and I saw those masculine hot guys in tight jeans, dancing together and I was HOOKED!!!

Jacki Long said...

I really love this spread, John! ♥♥♥
How the words and images are married.
I smiled as I studied the details and layers.
I LOVE you work!

tgarrett said...

What Brian said and....Try out Indiana Queen they are a gay country band- my favorite is their first album This I Do Carry Until The End. Loving your spreads!