Thursday, September 1, 2016

Big Top

Big Top
Big Top was created for a round robin that I am in with participants from Colorado, California, and Washington.  Each month for eleven months we create a spread for someone's journal.  I have only been to a few circus performances in my life.  My father took me to see the Ringling Brothers when I was twelve and, of course, I have been to Cirq du Soleil performances.  While visiting China our tour was taken to a very sad run down circus.  We asked to leave.  I love the vintage clown photographs that I have been finding lately.


jacki long said...

Wow! What a beautiful bonanza, John!
The colors, the vintage feel and of course, the clowns.
My favorite? The three-pointed-coifed clown, ;o)

Claudia MB said...

I would have loved to see all the different stages of this piece. I love the hand painting/doodling. And those guys in the stripes are creepy cool.