Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I love being an abstract random.  It fits me to a T.  I totally believe that it allows me to be creative and free to the max when it comes to art.  Abstract randoms are not organized at all.  Things in their studio are is disarray.  There are piles upon piles of stuff everywhere.  Probably the one of the most famous artists who I imagine to have been an abstract random is Andy Warhol.  I have read that he had so much stuff in his apartment that walking through it was like walking through a maze.  I am not that bad.  The one thing is that I know where everything is.  I can find something quickly.

I live with a concrete sequential, one who organizes to the max.  Some concrete sequentials even alphabetize their spice cabinets.  Mine does not.  I really like having a concrete sequential in my life because every once in awhile my space gets invaded and organization takes place....not without me watching though.  I have to know where everything goes.  If in the slight chance I do not know where something is all I have to do is ask.

I love the randomness of Veiled.  It came together when I was going through zip lock bags of ephemera.....pieces of paper that I had not looked at for some time.  Actually this is a fun activity to try out if you have not.  Take random pieces of ephemera and just create.


Unknown said...

Your work inspires me....and then I scroll down and spend time feeding your Fish. Great fun!

jacki long said...

Well I know I join you in the random department, at least.
I flitter from thing to thing ..."easily distracted by shiny objects".
And then I notice Peggy's mention of the fish,
and I am there peacefully happy feeding your fish!
Thank you John!

Unknown said...

Didn't know I was a concrete sequential, don't alphabetise my spices but my coat hangers match my bath towels and that makes my friends roll their eyes. Love veiled thank you

anonymous said...

So what other categories am I allowed to be?!

Brian Kasstle said...

I remember that little stamp in the bottom corner! I wonder what I would be?

Michele R. Unger said...

I enjoy, and in my mind, do a more creative job of creating art when I am working in my controlled mess. That simply means things are totally messy, but like you, I know where everything is and can lay my hands on it quickly. Having things spread out and piled up is just like having art "money" in the bank....more choices!