Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Camembert No. 4

Camembert No. 4
Lucky me for the next five days as I attend CREATE Seattle....I signed up for five workshops.  I love the community that is developed each time I attend or teach a class.  It is so amazing to be among artists who "get it".  It just feeds the soul.

Creating mail art also feeds the soul.  Coming up with a composition that works takes some time. Searching for the "right" elements to meet my standards is not something that just happens quickly. Creating gives satisfaction, but then it is time to send off the finished piece to artists out there who also "get it".


amy of studio four corners said...

I'm going to be at CREATE today too! taking a one day class - art quilting collage - I hope to see you there - would love to connect!

jacki long said...

Lucky you John, it sounds like fun!
And I do get it, and am loving looking at GRAM!
Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. ;o)

anonymous said...

This is such a successful composition - love the 'is it?/no, it isn't' sort of mirror image effect! Very clever. And that patch of magenta on the left just holds the whole thing in. Super. Looking forward to the results of your workshops!

Seth said...

This series really makes me smile. Enjoy your time at Create. I look forward to seeing the evidence of your creativity there in future blog posts!