Thursday, October 9, 2014

Moon Lanuage

Moon Language
I lived in Japan from 1983 to 1985.  During my stay there I was always brought to laughter by the English that was written on clothing.  It seemed that it did not have to make sense, anything goes. Moon Language is my remembrance these fond experiences.  Perhaps there is a language of the moon.  I certainly have had many experiences looking at it in 64 years of life.  Then there is the great film Moon Struck.  Who does not remember the moon in that movie?!  It is just fun to put two words together whether or not they make sense.


Brian Kasstle said...

So fun! Wonderful John!!!

jacki long said...

Terrific John! Love it so!
Thank you for the beautiful card that came in the mail ...
the butterfly & lady with a butterfly-ish hat!
Fabulous! You are so kind, thank you!
I do remember the odd English sayings on t-shirts and in ads when in Japan!
I'm sure they could say the same about our use of kanji or katakana just because we like the looks of it. ;o)
Someday I hope to hear all about your years in Japan?