Friday, October 17, 2014

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
This was another piece made from my cleaning up baggies of ephemera.  I have had the stone Adam and Eve for some time and never seemed to find a place for them.  Now they have a new home as they are going off to someone in today's mail.  When cleaning out my mother's house I found an old bank book.  Pieces of it are showing up now as collage material.  I think perhaps I will not need to find new ephemera for a long time as I sure brought home many boxes of it from Orcas Island.


jacki long said...

Love your color combinations, and I was thinking Eve looks a bit pushy?
Speaking of cleaning out, Irene is cleaning house and sent me a big box
of paints for my classes! Such a kind soul.
I envy her paring down, as I really need to. Have a great weekend John!

anonymous said...

@Jacki - Adam looks like he doesn't mind!!!