Friday, October 10, 2014

Moo and Cluck

Moo and Cluck
I am not worried about perspective in most of my collages.  A smaller item may be superimposed over a larger piece of ephemera.  It never bothers me in collage, but it might bother me if I was doing a landscape collage for instance.  I really never gave it much thought though.  I am more worried about balance and color and total composition.  I like oddities and figuring out how to make those oddities work.  Somehow my eye just knows what works and what does not.


anonymous said...

You certainly have 'an eye'! (Reminds me of the child who enquired which one was the mum's sweet tooth!) That bit of red bottom right knits it together. Those letters you found are so good - although one reads the message it isn't too insistent like some writing on pics.

Unknown said...

This is really good, what I especially like are the proportions of collage elements to the background, maybe this is what you mean by balance. I have noticed that these proportions vary in your work,but always please my eye. Thank you

amy of studio four corners said...

love this...you have a great eye...and you're on such a creative roll - bring it on!