Saturday, October 18, 2014

78 But

78 But
Martha loves spending the afternoon in art galleries.  She can not afford to buy, but she loves to look the part of an art patron.  What is it about story telling that I like so much?  A story never comes first when I am creating a piece of art. I never know how a piece is going to end up. I start and a story evolves.  Sometimes I provide you with my story version and sometimes I leave it up to you.


Claudia MB said...

Martha is thinking about her friends who don't visit the gallery because they think they're too old. She's 78 but she doesn't let that stop her from living her life.

jacki long said...
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jacki long said...

I just noticed, I find myself smiling when I study your work, John!
I think it's in appreciation of your clever combinations,
and I'm such a fan of the unexpected.
Can''t wait for more, but I will. ;o)
(The delete was to repair my grammar ;op)

anonymous said...

Or she read somewhere that art galleries are great pick-up places and even at 78 she lives in hope... I like this set of ladies you have found and - as ever - the letters.

Unknown said...

These are not just interesting but you are so prolific, its like getting a little gift each morning when I open my ipad. I am interested in the notion of "what happened next?" and usually invent the next frame.