Friday, October 31, 2014

Sudden Alarm

Sudden Alarm
Last week while I attended CREATE workshops I was able to try new tools.  In this case I was introduced to Liquitex Paint Markers.  I, of course, had to orders some when I returned home.  Sudden Alarm was started in Nathalie Kalbach's workshop and completed this morning.

My Haiku reads:  Quiet woods, calmness
                              Lost alone uncertainty
                              Sudden alarm, wolf!

I love using napkins in my art and I discovered something new when using the leaf napkin I recently found. (Thank you Liesel Lund for pointing out Costume Display's fantastic supply of napkins.)  The napkin has three plies.  Ply one was the print, but underneath was ply two and three.  I discarded ply three.  Ply two had a faint bit of the design which was used in Sudden Alarm as it was so subtle. Check out the plies next time you buy designer napkins.


Seth said...

Love the overall look and the layering here. Great color combo too!

jacki long said...

Love the colors and the dynamic composition.
I hope you know how much I look forward to each post?