Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fish Face

Fish Face
I am using up stuff lying around my studio.  I have piles and boxes of ephemera that has just been waiting to be used.  Finding just the right ephemeral combination for a composition to work is the trick.  Isn't that a great term...ephemeral combination.  I have coined a new art term as I just did a google search and nothing came up for "ephemeral combination." :-)


jacki long said...

Cool! "Ephemera Combination" it is! ;oD
First of all, I LOVE the term "Fish Face", makes me smile!
And again, your placement is wizardly! Love it!

amy of studio four corners said...

finding the right combo is key - this is a beautiful example! and yes I like ephemera combination...the tag line to my business name is "creative combinations of everyday ephemera" so I concur that's a great term!

Cate Rose said...

This one is really great!

anonymous said...

Nice combo tho' over here 'fish face' is not very polite!

jacqueline said...

Ephemera combo magic :-)