Saturday, October 26, 2013

Renaissance Woman Series Postcards #13, #14, #15, #16

Renaissance Woman Postcard #13

Renaissance Woman Postcard #14

Renaissance Woman Postcard #15

Renaissance Woman Postcard #16
I find it interesting that the CitraSolv papers provide exciting night and/or stormy skies.  Perhaps #13 above should have been set in a location where the aurora borealis exists.  Parts of the sky look like there might be lightning and also reflection from the lights of the city.  The light is more a modern night light than what would have been in Renaissance times.  #14 has what might be a moon.  I could get lost in my thinking of what might be.  I use to do that looking at clouds when I was a kid.


Cate Rose said...

All wonderful, John!

tgarrett said...

Wow John- You have been busy- I like them all-People should be very happy to get these. I have lots of work ahead yet.

jacki long said...

Really great work! Was this series done with the two layers of gel gloss on each side of the pictures, then ironed onto watercolor paper? I am in Randall's current class and that is our project this week. I have never used that technique but am fascinated!

john said...

Hi Jacki,

September 21 through 26 entries on my blog is the method you mentioned. I used matte medium to glue the Renaissance ladies down and then a coat of tar gel over each one for the postcards. The sky is all CitraSolv papers which you will do in Randel's class. Have fun! I loved it!

anonymous said...

I love these. The series is just getting better and better - which just goes to show that the advice to work in a series, developing and amending, is very sound. Must do better... (as my school reports used to say).

jacki long said...

Thanks John. You are so talented and do such beautiful work.