Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Renaissance Women Postcards #3 and #4

Postcard # 3

Postcard # 4

And so we continue with two more Renaissance women.  I wonder what these women might think knowing that space ships are circling the world.  I really am in love with creating narrative pieces without regard to remaining in a specific period.  To me it is kind of like time traveling which as a kid I thought would be just marvelous.  Heck even as a senior I think it would be marvelous!


Cate Rose said...

Two more beauties!

She Reads Late Into the Night said...

Love these!

anonymous said...

I expect Leonardo tried to tell everyone what would be coming... More great postcards. Hope the fellow students enjoy them as much as we do!

Brian Kasstle said...

Postcard #3 is my favorite so far! I am loving these John!!!