Thursday, October 17, 2013

Masai Warrior

Masai Warrior
I had a hoot of a time yesterday!  The Masai Warrior is the result. My intention was to just learn the technique.  The mosquito, the tree and the colors were all added.  Then the warrior was last.  I had not thought of a composition but it evolved.  Would I do things differently next time?  Yes, I have a plan, but for a first effort I learned a great deal.

In Randel Plowman's online class last weekend we learned how to do transfers using digital ground.  It was a very time intensive project that was absolutely fun!  The time issue is that you just have to be patience and wait.  The actual time on the project is not overly intensive.  If you have never used digital ground it is way cool technique.

All you do is paint the digital ground on an overhead transparency horizontally and let it dry.  Paint one more time in a vertical direction and again let it dry but this time overnight. 

In the mean time get your images ready to print.  Using an inkjet printer, print the images  right on the digital ground side of the transparency.  To apply the images, moisten the substrate and then burnish the images.  It takes some getting use to, but I guarantee a good time.


Cate Rose said...

Sounds like fun. I love your result!

tgarrett said...

I have yet to try this- now that I am back home maybe this week! Great piece!