Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Florentine Flights

Florentine Flights
In Randel Plowman's online class that I am presently taking we were challenged to create CitraSolv papers and then make collages that were 7 x 8 inches.  Throughout this class we have been creating pieces using tracing paper printed images, and using images attached with matte medium and matte medium with varnish.  Now we are free to use learned techniques and the CitraSolv papers.  I had made CitraSolv papers previously so I have a stack and used them.   This piece went over the 7 x 8 recommended size because the ephemera dictated the extension.  I tried limiting the bird's wing and the tower to the size and it just did not look like what I was trying to achieve.  Usually I like the eye to complete the piece even when that means cropping beyond the boundaries.  Not this time.  I am planning on using this image on a journal cover.


Cate Rose said...

Oh, John, this is just awesome...I love it!

anonymous said...

Those Florentine buildings are just amazing, aren't they?

tgarrett said...

I love this one John. It's just so wonderful on so many levels- super!