Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Batter,Batter and Marm

The next two pieces in the series of ten 4 x 5 inch collages with the emphasis on background, middle ground, and foreground using tracing paper images in the middle ground.  Each of these works has a final layer of colored matte varnish.

Questions arise with these two pieces.  In Batter, Batter, does the batter have a monkey on his back.  Has he been in a slump for some reason?  What could that reason be?

Batter, Batter!
Would  you have wanted to be taught by this woman?  I think her ruler might have ruled the day!  I can't imagine you would take advantage of this woman's sense of right or wrong.




Cate Rose said...

These are both wonderful. I love what you do with layers.

anonymous said...

Is this yet another new technique from your course? You are taking on so many ideas with wonderful results. I love the text which says 'squash bug' on Marm - I think she would apply this to naughty children too!!!

Irene Rafael said...

your collages are changing and growing yet retain the same essential 'you-ness' and humor. it is great to have this blog record for future reference.