Thursday, October 24, 2013

Italian Landscape and Renaissance Woman Postcard #7 and #8

Italian Landscape
My partner likes Italian Landscape so much that he asked for it for Christmas.  Yesterday I went hunting for frames and discovered that the matting I got at a garage sale and some frames at Michael's would work perfectly.  Since my Christmas gift is a trip to LA to attend Orly and Seth's workshop in February, I could not wait to give Tim his present as I got my ticket to Long Beach yesterday.  Italian Landscape reminds me of Starry Night under an Italian night sky.  Although it is a simple collage, only two pieces, it is one of my favorites as well.

I was going to play a joke on Tim and make a Renaissance Woman postcard out of it.  Scanning is a wonderful tool which allowed me to do just that.  I did not play the joke though.  Postcard #7 is the result of the attempt at the joke though.
Renaissance Woman Postcard #7

Renaissance Woman Postcard #8
One of the next themes for the international ATC group that I belong to is Something Old and Something New.  I think I have the captured in my Renaissance Women Postcard collection.


Cate Rose said...

I love that landscape, too. In its own way it reminds me of Vincent's Starry Night.

anonymous said...

I think the Something New lady is thinking 'we are not amused' by this new invention!! Those women's portraits were real painting, weren't they? Stunning.