Monday, October 21, 2013

Renaissance Women Postcards #1 and #2

Renaissance Woman Postcard #1

Renaissance Woman Postcard #2

Our last project for Randel Plowman's online class is to create mail art postcards to send to those class members who choose to do the project.  I love getting art mail, so this was a no brainer for me.  Of course I would say yes to the project.  It is wide open as to what we can do.  Most likely participants will create 5 x 7 inch cards using the skills learned in the class.

I have plenty of CitraSolv papers and so I have started ten cards using those papers.  I am not sure yet how many takers there are on the project but there were 25 people in the class.  Not everyone will be involved in the mail art.  Lots of people do not have the time I am sure.
Since I am trying to learn more and more Photoshop skills I scanned each part of the postcard before adhering the parts to the original postcard.  I am trying new things digitally.  I love being able to audition compositions.  Not sure why I am on a Renaissance kick but I am.  Watch for more postcards in the coming days.
Oh, here is one skills I tried today in Photoshop......

Renaissance Woman Ghost
I used a grey scale mapping tool on one layer, I think! 


jacki long said...

Hi John! I feel like I know you, as I so enjoy your work! All of it! I am currently in Randall's second class.

Cate Rose said...

These are fab -- and that gal is one strange bird! Kudos to you for doing so much with collage in Photoshop. I won't go there myself -- any more mouse work besides normal computer use kills my hands/wrists. Ditto with too much miniscule fussy cutting.

anonymous said...

Great stuff, John. Interesting to see how the colour of the background changes the feel in the top two. I'm trying to master the smaller number of options available on the Brushes App on my iPad as the stylus feels so much more like a drawing tool.

Brian Kasstle said...

These are soooo wonderful John!!! I love the sattlelight!