Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fleurs and They Walk in Their Fathers' Shoes

Somehow this guy is expected to be like all the others his age.  Maybe his heart is just not in being anything other than himself!  Will he survive or bend to the will of others?  You decide.

They Walk in Their Fathers' Shoes
There is a ghost image behind each man which represents their fathers.  The two gentlemen have big shoes to live up to as they make their way in the world.  Perhaps they are television executives and are expected to achieve at least what their fathers achieved and maybe more.


Cate Rose said...

Wonderful pieces. How big are they? I'm putting a postcard in the mail to you today. Also I have a magazine photo I'll send up to you soon, think you might like it. Have a terrific day!

Irene Rafael said...

i think by his pose, he will survive and be his own man, don't you? perhaps the other two men are from the set of madmen. on second thought they may be a generation before the mad men or do they have enough to worry about to live up the the shadows before them?

anonymous said...

Love Fleurs - he looks at the world squarely! The concept behind Fathers' Shoes is great but I have enough blur without my glasses to cope with this interpretation!