Friday, October 18, 2013


Savannah took all week to complete as I tried different images to finish the piece and none were quite right.  I found the man yesterday afternoon and he was a good fit with the exception of one thing.  I was a bit disturbed by the lack of sun on the leopard.  If the light source was from the bottom left side of the piece wouldn't the leopard have more sun on its body?  Then I got to thinking maybe there is another tree in the foreground out of site.  So I am happy again!

I used a CitraSolv paper, tissue paper, collage materials, and Photoshop on this piece.  The African map is tissue papered over a yellow ranunculus.  After cutting out the man I scanned him and added him and the tree to the collage using Photoshop.  My plan is to do a transfer of the tree and collage the man onto the substrate today. Everything else has already been adhered. It sure is nice to audition a piece in Photoshop first!


Cate Rose said...

The colors, the images ~ excellent job!

anonymous said...

The shadows disturb me too - not on the leopard but on the man! But mustn't be too analytical - the overall effect is of sun, sun, sun. Love the idea of the map being 'projected' onto a ranunculus!

tgarrett said...

I do love the composition a lot John!