Friday, October 11, 2013

Everything is Possible in Your Imagination

Everything is Possible in Your Imagination
I love how disparate things can go so well together.  Plopping a Roman statue down in the middle of the desert seems to work.  I have been pondering this piece all week.  I was thinking that I needed something more.  In this Randel Plowman activity we were to use CitraSolv papers in our works.  I love how the sky turned out and decided against hiding the blue portion with additional ephemera.  I have a narrative about the little girl who is reading.  She escapes to other worlds through books.  I did that as a child myself....still do.


Cate Rose said...


anonymous said...

Love how the ?negative hand image makes a bridge from the head to the girl. The image has great depth too with all the overlaps.

Michele R. Unger said...

The background looks much like the scenery here, along the Chobe River at the end of the dry season. No Romans but there are a few sunburned but happy Americans! This is a really interesting piece and I am looking forward tho hearing you story about the little girl.